Europe 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to you from Switzerland! It is that time of year again, when I escape the Canberra cold and seek sunshine and fast races in Europe! I am preparing for the London World Championships, which kick off in just under one month, on August 4th.

I finally have time to keep my website up-to-date and inform my wonderful fans on what I am up to! You can check out all of my pages on the website, as they have new content, blogs and race videos and also my race schedule leading into London. I hope you enjoy what you read and see.

Thank you for supporting me on my journey to the 2017 London World Championships!

Loz 🙂

One thought on “Europe 2017

  1. Hi Loz thanks for keeping us up to date with what’s happening there. Hope you get to the comp soon in London, it would be a great to have some competition there early. Have some fun too, love S & N xx.

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