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Hi Everyone,

This page is designed to give you an insight into how my training is going and how I am feeling about past and future competitions. It will provide you with a more in-depth analysis of my races and hopefully give you an idea of what it is like being an elite athlete!

I hope you enjoy what you read, I will certainly endeavour to assess all of my training and performances with as much honesty as possible!

Lauren ๐Ÿ™‚4




Monday August 14th

Hi Everyone,

Well, I am now a year older than when I last posted! And I am also now one more championships ‘rich’ in experience and knowledge. My World Championships here in London certainly didn’t work out the way I had planned or trained so hard for. But that is the brutal and unrelenting nature of track and field. No one can hide, one mistake can cost you everything and yet it can be so rewarding.

My 400H heat was certainly one of those experiences. In front of a 60 000 strong crowd, I ran a solid race from way out in lane 9, until I got to the 8th hurdle and my concentration lapsed for a split second. That was enough to throw my stride pattern into disarray, cause me to lose momentum and therefore my place in the semi finals by a mere 0.08s. Devastating. Disappointing. Not what I know I was capable of. But that is where we learn how resilient we can be. I am happy to say I was able to bounce back and represent Australia proudly in the 4x400m relay. I ran a strong 3rd leg and although we didn’t make the final, we areย top 10 in the World, which is my best international result ever.

I am looking forward to a small break when I get home, recharge the batteries and get going again for Commonwealth Games in just over 200 days time!!

Thank you to everyone for their support. I means more to me than you know!

Love Loz

Monday July 31st

Hi Everyone,

Since my last post, I have been training hard in Tonbridge, UK where most of the Australian Team are also based, leading into the World Championships. I have been here for just over a week, and despite some grey and rainy days, our stay has been most pleasant. We are residing at a boy’s school in Tonbridge and have access to all of the sports facilities at the sports centre here as well. I was part of the 2012 London Olympic Games Team and 2013 World Championships Team that were based here previously, so it is nice to stay somewhere easy and familiar.

I was asked to be part of the ‘leadership group’ that will help guide this team for the duration of the Championships, to which I readily accepted. I enjoy being involved in the team atmosphere and love getting to know new athletes. Not all of the leadership group are here in camp but Dane, Steve, Dani, Sally and I all worked hard to put on an ‘induction’ for our debutants last night before the team function. It comprised of a series of team-based games, some embarrassing stories and sharing of facts they had discovered about their fellow teammates. It was a nice way to get the whole team involved and create a supportive atmosphere before heading into London together tomorrow.

Personally, I had a really good running session with Annie and Morgan on Saturday. It was awesome to be able to train with girls that fast and it really pushed me to a solid session. I wish we could do it all of the time!! Today I completed my final ‘big’ hurdles session and it went really well. I feel like I have gone to another level here in camp and that my preparation is right on track with the plan Matt (Beckenham, coach) and I had set out earlier this year. Just have to trust in and stick with this plan and I am confident great things will come!

One week to go until race day…. let’s go #TeamAUS!!

Loz xoxo ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunday July 23rd, 2017

Hi Everyone,

Last night I had my final 400H race before World Champs. I ran in Heusden, Belgium under grey skies, with rain coming down just as we were on the start blocks. I finished 2nd in 56.21 which is my fastest time in Europe this year. It is also my second fastest time of the year, which is pleasing as I head into a major championship. I really felt like I was tracking for a sub-56sec run last night and I was until the last hurdle. I got a bit too close to 10H and popped over it, losing my momentum, which is very hard to get back with legs full of lactic acid!

I am happy with 360m of my race and I now have two weeks to refine and consolidate my training and make sure that last 40m is strong! I am flying to London today where I will join up with most of the Australian Team in Tonbridge. We will be training there until August 1st when we move into the London hotel for World Champs.

I have run three very consistent races in Europe so far – 56.21, 56.32, 56.44 – and I am confident that two more weeks of training will get me to some fast times in London. Just have to stick with the plan!

Loz xo

Sunday July 16th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am now writing from my base in Cologne, Germany, where I have been since Wednesday. I will be here for 10 days, getting in some quality training sessions and also travelling to/ from some competitions in Belgium.ย 

I competed in Luzern on Tuesday where I finished the 400H in 4th with 56.32. It was on a wet track and from lane 8 so I was very pleased with this result. It is the fastest I have ever run in Luzern and was a very solid opening race in Europe. I also ran yesterday in Ninove, Belgium where I won the 400H in 56.44. It was an overcast day, around 18 degrees but there was a strong head wind in the last 150m of the race. This made it particularly hard to finish off strongly, so

to run a time very similar to Tuesday was a good sign. I managed to execute the stride pattern I had in mind before the race, however I had hoped to run a faster time.

Now that I am back in Cologne, I am looking forward to consolidating my first two races with a good week of training. On Saturday I am heading to Heusden, Belgium for my final competition before the London World Championships.

Lauren ๐Ÿ™‚



Thursday July 6th, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I am writing to you from Luzern, Switzerland where I touched down two days ago. The temperature change is certainly welcome, as I left Canberra in -8 overnight temperatures and have arrived to high-20’s and sunshine! I am here in preparation for my first European competition which will take place in Luzern on Tuesday July 11th.

I ran a couple of 400H in Canberra before I left – 57.22 (June 18th) and 56.78 (July 1st). I was happy with these times and that I improved from the first race, despite the temperatures being close to 5 when I was running! I have been training very hard and building up a lot of strength in the gym. My aerobic sessions on the track have been tough but these have been balanced with specific speed and hurdles sessions as well. Overall, I fell like I am very strong and fit and I am looking forward to racing a few times before the World Championships begin on August 4th.

I will certainly be more diligent with the upkeep of my website while I am overseas, so please follow along with the blog posts, results and race footage that I put up.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting me on this journey!

Loz ๐Ÿ™‚

Cute little ‘4-lane’ track I have been training at in Rothenburg